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Impactability Modelling Framework with Diabetes Example - September

Population Health Management (PHM) uses data analytics to tailor the development of interventions for local population segments. It aims to improve health outcomes across the whole population and reduce health inequalities between segments. The IFoA Population Health Management Working Party (the ‘WP’) was formed in 2018 to explore how the actuarial skillset may enhance the NHS's use of data and analytics in PHM.

Impactability modelling is an emerging field within PHM data analytics that continues to gain attention within the NHS and beyond. As we emerge from the shadow of Covid, there is evidence that more people are now at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to before the pandemic.

In our latest paper, we describe the components of a framework that can guide health data analysts in developing their own impactability modelling approaches for their at-risk populations.

These approaches can support health professionals in identifying people who may benefit from interventions such as the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

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