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Investigations under the Assessment Regulations – Appeals Process

On Friday 13th September, the IFoA’s Board of Examiners issued their final outcomes on breaches of Assessment Regulations during the April 2019 examinations; on Tuesday 17th September, the IFoA issued a further update to the original notification, confirming that details, including the appeals process for breaches of Assessment Regulations cases, would be available by Friday 20th September. This update provides information about candidate requirements for module assessments, the procedure for investigating allegations of failure to comply with the Assessment Regulations and the associated appeals process.

IFoA assessments, delivered in assessment centres and online, are provided under formal assessment conditions. These conditions are detailed in Assessment Regulations, which are routinely updated.

Where there is reasonable cause to believe that a candidate has failed to comply with these regulations, an investigation will be carried out. You will receive a notification at this stage, together with details about what you need to do next.  The investigation process is explained in the Assessment Regulations. At the end of that process, an affected candidate has a right to appeal.  This appeal process is explained here.

You can find more information on the Assessment Regulations, and other steps in the exam process in the ‘Studying’ section of our website. Specific enquiries about either Assessment Regulations or appeals may be made to