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Join the Pensions Panel of the IFoA PCC

John Jenkins, Practising Certificates Committee (PCC) Chair, says: “Being a member of one of the PCC panels is not onerous timewise. Joining the pensions panel would enable an experienced pensions actuary to add value to the IFoA.  This is especially relevant through a time of particular change in the pensions area as the number of schemes declines”.

If you are an IFoA Fellow (qualified for at least three years) and you have knowledge and up to date experience in Scheme Actuary work coupled with broader experience of pensions work to contrast Scheme Actuary work against please view the full details or contact Debbie Atkins, Head of Engagement, to ask for the details to be emailed to you, or to request a follow up call with a member of the PCC to find out more.