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Over 550 volunteer for COVID-19 Taskforce

Following a call for volunteers for the IFoA Covid-19 Action Taskforce (ICAG), an incredible 552 members have so far signed up to help form the IFoA’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

Incoming President-elect, Dr Louise Pryor, and Chair of the IFoA’s Life Practice Area Board, Colin Dutkiewicz, are leading the initiation of a series of working groups to explore issues around the specialist areas of actuarial practice, around the demographic developments of the virus, and the economic consequences of policy actions.

Colin said: “Actuaries potentially have a lot to add to managing the COVID-19 crisis. And, of course, we want IFoA to coordinate that. But what form this might take and how to deliver it wasn’t initially clear.

“This incredible response to our call for volunteers gives us the power to contribute and input from these colleagues has started to give our project shape and scope.

“We’ll soon be seeking specific expertise to complement the working groups now forming with a view to originating outputs to help industry and government manage the impacts of the crisis.”