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Public Affairs and Consultations Committee and Solvency II Steering Group

The Actuarial Profession has announced the establishment of a new Public Affairs and Consultations Committee (PACC) that will report to Council. 

The Committee has been formed in line with the governance and infrastructure proposals within the public affairs strategy endorsed by Council and Management Board last year.  Its purpose is to advance the achievement of the Profession’s public affairs and thought leadership objectives.

Derek Cribb will chair the Committee, and its membership is as follows:  

  • Chief Executive (Chair)
  • The President, Immediate Past President and President-elect
  • Chair of PREC
  • Public Affairs Director
  • Two senior volunteers
  • Martin Potter (who in addition to being a Council member also sits on the Scottish Board’s public affairs sub-committee)
  • Kate Angell (a member of the GI PEC who also chairs its Communications sub-committee).

We can also confirm that the Solvency II Strategy Group has agreed to take on an enhanced role, adopting a more directive approach to the coordination of Solvency II activities within the Profession, particularly on communications issues.  To reflect this change, the Group will report to PACC and will now be called the Solvency II Steering Group. Richard Bulmer will continue to Chair the Group.

It is expected that much of the research and education / CPD activity in respect of Solvency II will continue to be undertaken by volunteers and working parties reporting into the PECs.  However, the Solvency II Steering Group will seek to coordinate members working on similar subjects across practice areas.

For more information, contact Interim Director of Public Affairs.