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Reading time rules for the exams

All CT, CA1, ST and SA exams now have 15 minutes reading time at the start, but there are some rules about what you can and can’t use this time for.

Reading time aims to give you a chance to read the exam paper in full, to plan the order in which you will approach the questions, and to consider how to structure your answers.

The rules are given below, and took effect from the September 2016 session. These apply to all subjects.

  You are allowed to:   You are not allowed to:
Tick Read the exam paper in full Cross Write in your answer booklet
Tick Plan and structure your answers to the
Cross Use your calculator
Tick Plan the order in which you will answer
Tick Write on the scrap paper and/or exam
paper to highlight key parts of the question
(using a highlighter or pencil)

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