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A review of the education strategy

The IFoA is currently undergoing a strategic review of Education.

The review is being undertaken to ensure that we are reflecting the changing nature of the work of actuaries, so that qualifying actuaries remain fit for purpose in 2025 and beyond.

Over the past months a number of working parties have been reviewing the current qualifications and proposing changes to both the syllabus and assessment methods.

As part of the consultation process we have recently held three employer engagement meetings at our London and Edinburgh offices. All our student employers were invited along to discuss the proposed changes, and the feedback from these meetings is being considered as part of the review process.

Our regional societies have also very kindly offered to host further engagement meetings, which has allowed us to reach a bigger audience.

We have already visited:

  • Isle of Man - Manx Actuarial Society
  • Wessex Actuarial Society
  • White Horse Actuarial Society

We plan to visit the following over the next few months:

  • Leicester Actuarial Science Society
  • Society of Actuaries in Ireland
  • Channel Islands Actuarial Association
  • Norwich Actuarial Society
  • Faculty of Actuaries Student Society

Tentative dates are also being held for the Bristol Actuarial Society and London Market Students’ Group (LMSG).

If you would like to attend a meeting at one of the above locations, please get in touch with your local regional society or the IFoA Regions Manager, Tess Joyce .

Both our UK and International Student Consultative Forums have been kept updated with the strategy review and are feeding back their comments.

Once the feedback has been collated it will be considered as part of the review and a final decision will be made at the Council meeting in June 2016.

After this there will be further communication explaining how and when changes will take place. 

Contact Details

For information regarding regional societies, please contact our team