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The Risk Community at the IFoA: get in touch

The IFoA’s Risk Management Board wants to hear from you

A refreshed Risk Management IFoA webpage for actuaries interested in all things involving “Risk Management”.

Risk Management Platform for You

The Risk Management (RM) Board is working towards providing a better platform for you to engage with the Risk Community in the IFoA.

Familiarise yourself with the RM webpage.

Start a conversation, connect, stay informed, ask a question, but better still, join the Risk Community today!

Under the risk management ‘articles’ webpage, Paul Harwood (a member of the RM Board) has refreshed old IFoA papers that are useful and relevant even today and worth a read! He has engaged with the authors and shared his thoughts.  Maybe you have read an article which you would like to share, or perhaps you are a budding author, we would love to hear from you – drop us an email