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Subscriptions rates reduced

In response to feedback in the 2018 membership survey, subscription rates for Fellows and Students have been reduced for 2019/2020 to offer greater value for IFoA members.

The new rates are as follows:

  • Fellow £715 (down from £730)
  • Fellow (partial) £360 (down from £365)
  • Students £236 (down from £241)

Other membership categories will be frozen at 2018/2019 levels for the next year and practising certificate fees will also be unchanged.

Subscriptions will become due on 1 October and should be paid by 31 October to avoid any late payment surcharges.

Please look out for your email inviting you to renew your membership in early September 2019.

In his address in Edinburgh in June, President John Taylor said:

“I want the IFoA to listen more. I want the IFoA to be more attuned to your needs, whether you are a Student, an Associate or a Fellow. Whatever your gender, ethnicity or nationality.

“So, we made a concerted effort to listen to you through the survey we issued late last year. You told us about fee levels. The fellowship subscription rate has actually lagged inflation by 19% over the last decade. But you told us that it was still too high and we heard you!”

Additionally, following a consultation period of 28 days, Council has adopted an amendment to Regulation 25 allowing the income threshold for reduced-rate subscriptions to be determined each year without further regulatory change.

This keeps the income threshold at £21,900 for a Fellow and £7,230 for a Student for the year 2019/2020.