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Update from IFRS 17: Future of Discount Rates Working Party

The IFRS 17: Future of Discount Rates working party has been exploring a number of issues surrounding the derivation and use of discount rates for IFRS 17. To date, the group has produced an article summarising the activity it is undertaking, an overview of the key considerations involved in setting discount rates under IFRS 17, a comparison between existing discount rate approaches and IFRS 17 (published in The Actuary magazine), and an analysis of issues arising from the use of locked-in stochastic discount rates. The group aims to encourage debate amongst IFoA members to flesh out and understand many of the issues and challenges that arise when deriving discount rates under IFRS 17.

The group continues to discuss and debate ideas surrounding the derivation of discount rates and plans to publish further articles in the coming months. Existing articles and future articles will be published on the new IFRS 17: Future of Discount Rates working party web page, which can be found on the IFoA website.