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Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) consultation responses 2008
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Response 22.12.2008 Department for Work and Pensions Employer debt technical amendments
Response 22.12.2008 Board for Actuarial Standards Amending TM1 for revised contracting-out provisions
Response 28.11.2008 European Commission The harmonisation of Solvency Rules applicable to Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORPs) covered by Article 17 of the IORP Directive and IORPs operating on a cross-border basis
Response 07.11.2008 HM Government The case for change - Why England needs a new care and support system
Response 28.10.2008 Department for Work and Pensions The Occupational Pension Schemes (contracting-out) (amendment) Regulations 2009
Response 01.10.2008 Financial Reporting Council Promoting actuarial quality
Response 30.09.2008 Professional Oversight Board Monitoring and scrutiny of actuarial work
Response 30.09.2008 Ministry of Justice CP 14/08 - Pleural plaques
Response 26.09.2008 International Accounting Standards Board Preliminary views on amendments to IAS 19 Employee Benefits
Response 19.09.2008 The Pension Regulator Guidance on calculation of cash equivalent transfer values
Response 03.09.2008 Financial Services Authority CP 08/11 With-profits funds - compensation and redress
Response 02.09.2008 Financial Reporting Council Proposals for future arrangements for funding the FRC's activities in relation to accounting, auditing and corporate governance
Response 18.08.2008 Government Equalities Office The Equality Bill - Framework for a fairer future
Response 01.08.2008 Board for Actuarial Standards Technical Actuarial Standard - Reporting Actuarial Information (TAS R)
Response 01.08.2008 Board for Actuarial Standards Structure of new BAS standards (and implications for adopted GNs)
Response 11.07.2008 Accounting Standards Board The Financial Reporting of Pensions
Response 27.06.2008 Board for Actuarial Standards Actuarial mortality assumptions. Discussion paper
Response 23.05.2008 Board for Actuarial Standards Conceptual framework for technical actuarial standards and scope and authority of technical standards
Response 12.05.2008 The Pensions Regulator Good practice when choosing assumptions for defined benefit pension schemes with a special focus on mortality
Response 22.04.2008 Personal Accounts Delivery Authority Building personal accounts: choosing a charging structure
Response 14.04.2008 Treasury Select Committee Treasury Select Committee inquiry into inherited estate
Response 31.01.2008 Board for Actuarial Standards Towards a conceptual framework

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