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Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) consultation responses 2010
IFoA consultation response  Organisation  Consultation Contact
Response 22.12.2010 IFRS Leases. Exposure Draft ED/2010/9
Response 20.12.2010 Pension Protection Fund The Pension Protection Levy. A New Framework
Response 17.12.2010 Independent Public Service Pensions Commission
Response 25.11.2010 IFRS Insurance Contracts. Exposure Draft ED/2010/8
Response 10.11.2010 ASB Urgent Issues Taskforce Draft Abstract "Accounting Implications of the Replacement of the Retail Prices Index with the Consumer Prices Index for Retirement Benefits"
Response 08.11.2010 Pension Protection Fund 2011/2012 Pension Protection Levy Consultation
Response 01.11.2010 Commons Select Committee on Transport Transport Committee Inquiry - Cost of Motor Insurance
Response 22.10.2010 Department for Business, Innovation and Skills; DWP Phasing out the Default Retirement Age
Response 21.10.2010 AADB The Referral of Formal Complaints to Disciplinary Tribunals Christine McConnell
Response 15.10.2010 Board for Actuarial Standards Funeral Plans TAS
Response 06.10.2010 HM Treasury A New Approach to Financial Regulation: Judgement, Focus and Stability
Response 15.09.2010 HM Treasury Removing the Requirement to Annuitise by Age 75
Response 06.09.2010 International Accounting Standards Board IASB Exposure Draft: Defined Benefit Plans. Proposed Amendments to IAS 19
Response 01.08.2010 Board for Actuarial Standards Exposure Draft: Transformations
Response 30.07.2010 Independent Public Service Pension Commission Discount Rates
Response 25.06.2010 Society of Actuaries in Ireland
Response 04.06.2010 Board for Actuarial Standards Code of Professional Conduct
Response 02.06.2010 Financial Services Authority TM1: Statutory Illustrations of Money Purchase Benefits
Response 02.06.2010 HM Revenue & Customs Quarterly Consultation no.24. CP10/10
Response 21.05.2010 Board for Actuarial Standards Consultation on Solvency II and Taxation of Insurance Companies
Response 28.04.2010 Financial Services Authority Exposure Draft: Pensions
Response 11.03.2010 Financial Reporting Council Consultation Paper 10/3:  Effective Corporate Governance (Significant Influence Controlled Functions and the Walker Review)
Response 09.03.2010 Board for Actuarial Standards Draft Plan and Levy Proposal 2010/11.
Response 09.03.2010 Board for Actuarial Standards Modelling (TAS M)
Response 02.02.2010 Society of Actuaries in Ireland Transformations
Response 15.01.2010 Department for Work and Pensions Conflicts of Interest - Pensions Actuaries
Response 07.01.2010 Board for Actuarial Standards The Pensions Protection Fund (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2010 - consultation

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