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Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) consultation responses 2012
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Response 21.12.2012 European Commission Consultation on a Possible Framework for the Recovery and Resolution of Nonbank Financial Institutions
Response 12.12.2012 Financial Reporting Council Exposure Draft AS TM1: Statutory Money Purchase Illustrations (SMPI) v3.0
Response 7.12.2012 Financial Services Authority CP12/26 Regulatory Reform: the PRA and FCA Regimes for Approved Persons
Response 5.12.2012 The Pensions Regulator Maintaining Contributions Philip Doggart
Response 5.12.2012 Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland Use of Gender as a Risk Factor for Insurance

Philip Doggart

Response 30.11.2012 Financial Reporting Council Amendment to Financial Reporting Exposure Draft 48 Philip Doggart
Response 30.11.2012 Office for National Statistics Options for Improving the Retail Prices Index Philip Doggart
Response 30.11.2012 SME Implementation Group IASB Review of the IFRS for SMEs Philip Doggart
Response 14.11.2012 Department for Work and Pensions The Occupational Pension Schemes (Miscellaneous Amendments No 2) Regulations 2013
Response 2.11.2012 Pension Protection Fund The 2013/2014 Pension Protection Levy Consultation Document
Response 15.10.2012 Financial Services Authority CP12/13 Transposition of Solvency II - Part 2
Response 28.09.2012 Code Committee of the Takeover Panel Pension Scheme Trustee Issues
Response 28.09.2012 Department for Busines, Innovation and Skills Draft Regulations Determining what Companies Must Disclose in Pay Reports
Response 28.09.2012 Working Group on Margining Requirements Margin Requirements For Non-centrally Cleared Derivatives Sarah Mathieson
Response 24.09.2012 HM Treasury Financial Sector Resolution: Broadening the Regime
Response 04.09.2012 Financial Reporting Council Pension Scheme Incentive Exercises
Response 30.08.2012 Financial Reporting Council CP12/10 Chapter 5: Statutory Money Purchase Illustrations
Response 30.08.2012 Financial Services Authority CP12/10 Chapters 3 and 4: Product Projections and Transfer Value Analysis
Response 17.08.2012 UK Debt Management Office Super-long and Perpetual Gilts Sarah Mathieson
Response 27.07.2012 Pension Protection Fund Pension Protection Fund Consultation on Funding Determinations and Amendments to Section 151 in the Pension Protection Fund (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2012
Response 11.07.2012 AADB Sanctions Guidance to Tribunals Christine McConnell
Response 29.06.2012 Financial Services Authority CP 12/10 Mortality Assumptions
Response 13.06.2012 Department of Energy and Climate Change Consultation on the Amendment of the Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning (Finance and Fees) Regulations 2011 Paul Reynolds
Response 16.05.2012 International Actuarial Association Statement of Intent for a Proposed International Standard of Actuarial Practice on Enterprise Risk Management
Response 27.03.2012 Financial Services Authority Pension Transfer Value Analysis assumptions
Response 23.03.2012 Department for Work and Pensions Meeting Future Workplace Pension Challenge: Improving Transfers and Dealing with Small Pension Pots Sarah Mathieson
Response 01.03.2012 HM Treasury UK Response to the 1 March European Court of Justice Ruling on Gender-neutral Insurance Benefits and Premiums Sarah Mathieson
Response 08.02.2012 Association of British Insurers Consumers in the Retirement Income Market Sarah Mathieson
Response 26.01.2012 Department for Work and Pensions Workplace Pension Reform - Automatic Enrolment Earnings Thresholds: Review and Revision 2012-2013
Response 10.01.2012 Department for Business Innovation and Skills and Financial Reporting Council Proposals to Reform the Financial Reporting Council. A Joint BIS and FRC consultation Ben Kemp
Response 04.01.2012 EIOPA Comments on EIOPA CP-11/006. Response to call for advice on the review of Directive 2003/41/EC: Second consultation.

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  • Autumn Lecture 2020: Professor Elroy Dimson

    Online webinar
    14 October 2020

    Spaces available

    Many individuals and institutions have a long-term focus, and invest funds for the benefit of future generations. Their strategy should reflect their long horizon. University endowments are one of the oldest classes of institutional investor, and I will present the first study of the management of these endowments over the very long term.

  • GIRO Conference 2020 Webinar Series

    Available to watch globally in November.
    02-13 November 2020
    Spaces available

    This year's GIRO has been re-designed as a virtual conference to offer members and non-members the opportunity to get up to date content from leading experts in the general insurance field via online webinars. All sessions will be recorded and made available to purchase and re-watch post-event on the IFoA's GI Online Learning Resource area.

  • Life Conference 2020 Webinar Series

    16 November 2020 - 27 November 2020

    Spaces available

    This year's Life Conference has been re-designed as a virtual conference to offer members and non-members the opportunity to get up to date content from leading experts in the life insurance field via online webinars. All sessions will be recorded and made available to purchase and re-watch post-event on the IFoA's website.

  • Spaces available

    The webinar will discuss the challenges and opportunities schemes face in evaluating end game options, choosing a target state and understanding the impact this strategic decision could have on member outcomes long after the “end state” is reached. Adolfo, Kevin and Rhian bring over 60 years of experience in the industry and a variety of perspectives as scheme actuary, covenant adviser, trustee, de-risking adviser and insurer.

  • Spaces available

    Cash-flow driven investing is a game-changer for DB pension funds navigating their end-game. Suitable for sponsors who want to reduce risks on their balance sheets. And for trustees, it shifts the focus to providing greater certainty of returns, managing funding level volatility and ensuring they have enough income to pay cash-flow requirements.

  • Spaces available

    The talk will provide an understanding of the priorities and relationships between deficit reduction contributions, in the context of wider scheme funding, and different types of value outflow from the employer based on the working party’s recently published report.