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Issue 3 – Health and Care

In our third and final bulletin, we draw on a range of experts to examine how an ageing population is adding increasing pressure to an already strained health and care system and what the implications will be for older, younger and future generations.

What you will get from the report:

  • An analysis of how the healthcare system could and should be funded
  • An understanding of how an ageing population is changing the structure of our workforce
  • A look into how advances in medicine will have better or worse implications for future and current generations


Health, longevity and morbidity are long-held concerns of actuaries and changes in the UK’s demography have resulted in greater health risks.  Our bulletin sets out to address the risks resulting from an increasingly ageing population, highlighting the strain they could place on the NHS and social care system.  It also considers long-term solutions not only to alleviate the increasing pressure on our healthcare system but provide intergenerationally fair solutions so younger and future generations are not put at a disadvantage.   

The third bulletin in our intergenerational fairness, launched 13 October, features contributions from:

  • Patrick Thomson, Senior Programme Manager, Centre for Ageing Better
  • Joseph Ahern and Henry Thompson, Association of British Insurers
  • IFoA Pensions and Long Term Care Products Research Group
  • Danail Vasilev, Reform
  • Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation
  • The IFoA Policy Team

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