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Sustainable Development Goals: workshop guide

Thank you for running a workshop on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Goals) to help us understand how the actuarial profession can contribute to the goals being met.

We have a ’made easy’ guide to running a workshop, though feel free to adapt it so that it works for your audience. Please capture and send us the outputs from your workshop. They will then form part of the evidence base we will use to inform both our internal and external policy and debates. We will also leverage the ideas to further promote the goals among actuaries and the employers of actuarial services.

What you will learn from the guide

This guide will help you:

1. Introduce the workshop.

2. Get an overview of the SDGs

3. Discuss the relevance of actuaries in achieving the goals.

4. Share examples where the work of actuaries is already contributing towards the goals.

5. Consider ways that actuaries and the organisations they work in could increase the actuarial profession’s contribution to the achievement of the goals.

6. Consider what barriers and regulations may be hindering the achievement of the goals.

7. Think about who we need to influence to give the SDGs greater prominence within the actuarial profession and what could we do to influence them.