The Ageing Population MIG focused on the financial and actuarial implications of an ageing population from a public interest standpoint. The group held its last meeting in 2013


The group's work mainly focused on the financial and actuarial implications of demography in the public interest.

  • Keeping abreast of issues affecting demography and the financial implications to the UK population, and keeping members up-to-date on upcoming research, events and news
  • Raising awareness of the opportunities available to actuaries in this area and the values actuaries can contribute
  • Keeping abreast of all related Government initiatives and participating in consultations to help influence Government policy
  • Carrying out research and contributing to debate on demography issues in the public interest.  The group will work with the Institute and Faculty and other external organisations and professions to achieve this


The group was led by chair Andrew Bryan.

  • Deborah Cooper
  • Adrian Gallop
  • Aldo Mendieta
  • Joynur Rahman
  • Colin Redman
  • Tony Salter
  • Aidan Smith


For 16 years, the group was successful in promoting ageing population issues always from a public interest standpoint, holding three conferences (each being able to attract well known speakers, including Frank Field and Andrew Dilnot), sponsoring a series of papers, linking up with outside organisations, in particular the International Longevity Centre, and publishing the book ‘100 years of State Pension.’

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