The MIG undertook work looking at the calculation of damages for personal injury, and at the methods by which these could be paid

Key objectives:

  • To focus on issues relating to awards in respect of damages and personal injury.


  • The law on damages. Department of Constitutional Affairs Consultation Paper CP 9/07. Response from the Actuarial Profession. Aug 2007
  • Lord Chancellor's Department consultation document. Damages for future loss. Giving the courts the power to order periodical payments for future loss and care costs in personal injury cases. Consultation by the Lord Chancellor's Department. Joint Response by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and the Association of Consulting Actuaries. Jun 2002
  • Alternative approach to lump sum damages awards. Seminar and debate on a possible alternative approach to lump sum damages awards. During the meeting the following motion was voted on: The needs of victims and society would be better served by courts having the power to make income or benefit awards. This would be more effective than awarding lump sums. This was carried almost unanimously. Mar 2000.
  • Slides
  • Damages: Personal Injury Awards. Discussion paper for a seminar in 1997. (Please note that some of the graphs are missing from this version.)
  • Lump sums to periodic payments and beyond.  Damages working party conference, 7 March 2005.  Discussion papers and presentations.

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