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Texas Instruments TI30 Multiview

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The Texas Insturments TI-30 (with or without any suffix) Multiview calculator is the only approved calculator for the Certified Actuarial Analyst qualification route. No other calculator should be used for these exams. In the eShop we sell the TI-30XB version.

This is also an approved calculator for the Fellowship exams.

Please note that VAT will be charged to UK customers.

Designed with unique features that allow you to enter more than one calculation, compare results and explore patterns, all on the same screen, the TI-30XB MultiView is ideal for the early secondary maths and science classroom.

  • Fraction: Stacked fraction; fraction/decimal/percent conversion; Change between improper fractions and mixed number
  • Automatic simplification of fraction
  • Random number and random integer generator
  • Combination and permutation
  • Trigonometry
  • Hyperbolic
  • Log and antilog
  • Convert angle from degrees to radians to grads
  • %, x², ¹/x, y?X, p, x!
  • Fixed decimal capability
  • (x,y) table feature with auto and ask-x option
  • EOS: (equation operating system)

*VAT will be added to price for UK customers