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Make an appeal

All students who take the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ (IFoA’s) assessments have the right to appeal against a result if they think it is wrong

You can appeal against an exam result decision, or a decision about the completion of your work-based skills

The grounds for appeal must be related to:

  • Irregular procedure or improper conduct of an assessment took place. This can include procedures for question setting, marking and results moderation of the examinations. Specific evidence must be provided to support this.
  • Extenuating personal circumstances materially affected the academic performance, which the IFoA were not aware of when the decision was taken and which could not reasonably have been disclosed. An explanation for earlier non-disclosure is always required.

You will need to provide reasons why you believe that the grounds of appeal apply, and include evidence to substantiate your claim.

If you wish to make an appeal you need to complete the Stage one application form below and send it to the Appeals Team, with the appeal fee

For all assessments the Stage one form must be received within 40 days from the publication of the exam results, or the receipt of a decision about your work-based skills completion.

You will be informed by email of the result of your appeal within 30 days from the receipt of the appeal, wherever possible

Read the Assessment appeals policy for full information about the appeals process.

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