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Make an appeal

All candidates who take the IFoA assessments have the right to appeal against an exam result or investigation outcome if they have reasonable grounds to do so.

Key points to note when making an Assessment Appeal

When you are considering making an appeal, it is important that you read and understand the points below before you submit an application.

  • This is not a re-marking service. We do not offer a re-marking service
  • The IFoA is confident that its approach to the marking of students' script is sufficiently robust and thus you are not able to call into question the academic judgement of the Board of Examiners, without sufficient supporting evidence.
  • If you submitted a Mitigating application before the deadline given and your situation met the criteria for the Mitigating Circumstances, this will have been considered by the Mitigating panel. 
  • There are limited occasions that submitting an appeal based on failure to complete a mitigating form will be accepted.  You should have insurmountable reasons for not doing so before the relevant deadline. Examples of this include hospitalisation, incarceration, mental health issues supported by appropriate medical evidence, or an equivalent incapacity
  • The appeal process is the final recourse for candidates who were unable to engage with the IFoA’s other procedures at the right time. If you have any issues during your exam sitting, it is very important that you seek advice and assistance at the earliest opportunity; the IFOA will always give assistance when required

If you want to raise an issue about any aspect of the exam, which is outside of the appeals procedure, you can make a complaint.

Important information for candidates who sat examinations in April

Candidates who sat examinations in April can view the relevant instructions in Essential Documents. Please make sure this document relating to the April 2021 exams, is read and understood prior to submitting an appeal.

Assessment Appeals

You may make an appeal on the following grounds:

  • Irregular procedure or improper conduct of an assessment.
  • Extenuating personal circumstances which affected your assessment, you could not reasonably disclose under the mitigating circumstances policy

If you wish to make an appeal you need to complete a Stage one application within 40 calendar days of the release of the exam result.

Inappropriate Conduct Appeals

You may make an appeal on the following grounds:

  • There is evidence that the Board of Examiners failed to consider or did not have access to evidence that would have the potential to change the outcome of the investigation and/or the penalty imposed;
  • The penalties imposed by the Board of Examiners are demonstrably unreasonable (i.e. there is an obvious or clear quality to the unreasonableness of the resolution).
  • There is evidence that procedural or administration error occurred during the Inappropriate Conduct investigation stage or Board of Examiners decision.

If you wish to make an appeal you need to complete a Stage one application within 30 calendar days of the investigation outcome.

You should note

  • Any evidence to support an appeal application must be included
  • You cannot request a remark of your exam paper using the appeal process
  • The outcome of an appeal has a range of possible outcomes and does not result in an automatic remark of an exam paper or a change to the investigation outcome
  • The policy should be read in full before submitting an appeal application to ensure it meets the grounds

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