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Modelling Practice

The Modelling Practice (CP2) subject provides actuaries with more ‘rounded’ skills with regards to communicating and presenting spreadsheet work in a business context. The subject builds on the technical material covered in all the earlier subjects.

The aim of Modelling Practice (CP2) is to develop a student’s ability to model data, document the work (including maintaining an audit trail for a fellow student and senior actuary), analyse the methods used and outputs generated and communicate to a senior actuary the approach, results and conclusions.

Modelling Practice (CP2)

Core Practices

Modelling Practice (CP2) builds on material covered in earlier subjects and seeks to equip a student with more ‘rounded’ business skills and the prime emphasis is on good communication when using and presenting spreadsheet work.

Resources for CP2

Guide to CP2 Modelling Practice

Past papers and examiners reports for CP2 

Exam format:
2 x computer-based exams using Excel and Word, 3 hours and 15 minutes each
Recommended study hours: