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Access arrangements

Access arrangements (or reasonable adjustments) are changes made to exam conditions

These may be necessary in circumstances where students are experiencing long or short term conditions or regarded as disabled in terms of the Equality Act 2010. Adjustments will be considered when the absence of such would otherwise put the student at a disadvantage whilst undertaking the assessment. Such adjustments may relate to extra time, use of a computer or enlarged papers for example.

Whether a suggested adjustment is reasonable or not will depend on the circumstances of each individual case. Some factors taken into account include the particular needs of the individual, the requirements of the examination and the nature, extent and cost of the adjustment itself. Supporting documentation from health and educational professionals is therefore required on application.

An adjustment may not be regarded as reasonable if it prejudices the credibility or reliability of the examination process or if it involves excessive cost resources.

Apply for access arrangements

For long term conditions, a completed Access Arrangements application form must be submitted with your exam entry form.

Further information on access arrangements can be found in the Student Handbook

Holy days or public holidays

Occasionally students are not permitted to sit exams on certain days for religious reasons. In these circumstances, alternative arrangements may be considered. Supporting evidence from a religious leader will be required.

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