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CT1 Financial Mathematics exam Q&As for non members

In the April 2018 exam sitting non-members will be able to choose between the CT1 or CT3 exams. In the September 2018 exam session non-members will only be able to choose the CT3 exam. This is due to the changes in the new Curriculum 2019 where the CT1 exam will be merging with CT5.

CT1 exam dates

See our latest exam dates

Registering and booking for the CT1 exam

When can I register for the CT1 exam?

The exam registration for April 2018 exams will open on Monday 29 January 2018 and will close Monday 26 February for overseas exam centres and on Monday 19 March for UK exam centres.

Where can I register for the CT1 exam?

If you have not previously registered, you can complete the online registration form which will be available during the exam registration opening window.

How long after registering will I be able to book the exam?

Once you have completed the registration form online, providing that all information is entered correctly, you will receive your ARN (Actuarial Reference Number) within 24 hours, along with information on how to activate your online account. Once these steps have been completed you will be able to book your exam.

How many times can I register?

Our system will only accept one registration (the first one entered). Subsequent registrations after this will be void as duplicates. If you have made a mistake with your registration please call Education Services on +44 1865 268207 to see if this can be corrected.

Do I need to register if I already have an ARN?

If you have registered before and have an existing ARN you do not need to register again. You can simply login to your online account to book the exam.

I have not received my ARN 24 hours after registering

If you do not receive your confirmation email and you believe you have registered correctly, please contact us on +44 1865 268207. The IFoA is closed during weekends, therefore registrations made over this time will be confirmed on the following Monday.

How do I book the CT1 exam?

Once you have your ARN and have activated your online account you can login to book and pay for your exam there (card and paypal payments only). Once logged in go to My Account – My exams – Book an exam. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the exam is booked.

Can late bookings, applications and payments be accepted after the deadline?

All bookings, applications and payments must be received before the exam registration closing dates. The IFoA cannot accept any late entries to the exam and if your application and payment/booking is not made by this time, you will not be able to sit in the exam session at that time.

Exam cost and payment

How much is the CT1 exam?

The cost of the CT1 exam for non-members is £255.00* full rate and £145.00* reduced rate. This is just the cost of the exam; no study materials are supplied. *Prices can be subject to change.

How can I apply for a reduced rate exam?

When you complete the online registration there will be a box to tick to indicate that your personal annual income is below £7230.00. This must be ticked correctly for you to receive a reduced rate exam fee.

How can I pay by bank transfer or cheque?

During the registration window the exam application forms for offline payments will be available for you to complete. You must send us the application form with the payment included. For BACS payments the BACS remittance/proof of payment must be sent with the application. You will receive a confirmation email once the exam is booked.

Exam permits

When will I get my exam permit?

Exam permits can be found in your online account one week before the start of the exams. You must login to your account to download your exam permit to take to the exam.

Exam centres

Where can I find a list of the exam centres?

The exam centres in use for the exam session will be published on the exam centres page and we attempt to keep this up-to-date during the exam registration window.

What if my chosen exam centre is not available to book?

Exam centres can fill very quickly and exam centres will have a capcity limit for the exam sitting. We encourage you to book your exam as early as possible after the exam registration opening. Should your first choice exam centre not be available, you should make another selection.

Can I change my exam centre once it has been booked?

If you wish to change your exam centre and the centre you wish to change to has available capacity, you can switch your exam centre by calling Education Services on +44 1865 268207. You will only be able to make any changes to exam centres during the exam registration opening window. After this there will be no amendments.

Exam study and preparation

How should I plan my exam study?

Read our exam preparation information on tutiton, previous exam papers, the exam syllabus and lots more.

Where can I purchase study materials?

You can purchase the exam core reading from the IFoA eshop and also the AcEd the Acturial Education company.

Is there anything I should do in preparation for my exam?

Please read our on your exam day information

Exam changes and updates

How will I find out if there are any changes or updates to my exam?

Please ensure you frequently check our exam news and updates.

In addition to this, the IFoA will use Twitter to post up-to-date exam information and any updates required.

You can find and follow us on @ActuaryStudents

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