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Revised requirements for Personal Professional Development

This year a revised set of work experience requirements will come into effect.

Personal Professional Development or PPD is the new online work experience recording system that you must complete annually until you qualify as an Associate or Fellow so that we, as your Professional body, can ensure your  work experience is up to date and relevant. PPD runs alongside the examinations you will be taking and is a requirement of student membership of the IFoA.

PPD submissions will be recorded online within the PPD Portal of the My Account section of the IFoA website.

Within PPD, there are over 30 different competencies that you can choose from when submitting your work experience. These 30 competencies are divided over the three categories of: Effective Communication, Decision Making and Problem Solving and Professionalism. The forth category is Formal Learning, where students need to log 2 hours of activity per year.

Who will the revised PPD effect?

PPD is a requirement of all students of the IFoA.

If you joined the IFoA on or after 1st September 2017 onwards, please continue to submit your PPD as usual. Your first annual deadline will be one year from the date of you joined.

All existing students need to have moved to PPD recording at their next anniversary joining date having completed your Work-Based Skills. This anniversary date will also be your annual PPD recording cycle.

For students who submit their Work-Based Skills Final Sign off documents before the 18th January 2019 qualifier deadline can continue to use Work-Based Skills.

For former Institute members or Faculty members, PPD will replace the Pre-2004 Work Experience Forms A and B, however students who submit their Final Sign off documents before 18st January 2019 qualifiers deadline can continue to use Form A or B if appropriate.

Key points to note

  • For Qualifiers in 2019 and September 2020, students are now required to have a mix of Work Experience documentation and PPD.
  • Each student will have their own PPD deadline, which normally is their IFoA joining date. This annual date is the deadline for students to submit their annual PPD records. Students must contact the IFoA to discuss their situation if they are unable to meet this requirement.
  • From September 2020 onwards, all students looking to qualify need to have the following PPD Requirements:
Qualification Level Minimum number of months of PPD expected Minimum number of credits required Minimum Credits Per Year Hours of Formal Learning activity  Per Year
Associate 12 Months 10 3 2
Fellow 36 Months 20 3 2

How can the IFoA assist you through the transition period?

We can assist you with your own individual requirements if required. In certain complex cases, we can assist in helping translate current work practice into the PPD system. Please contact if you require assistance or to enquire about your current situation.

Further Information about PPD

Please visit the PPD webpages to find out further information about PPD, including:

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