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After you qualify as a CAA

Now that you’re a qualified CAA, you have the opportunity to join one of the associations that are a part of CAA Global

You can opt to join the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), based in the United Kingdom or the SOA Center for Certified Actuarial Analysts, a subsidiary of the Society of Actuaries (SOA), based in the United States.

CAA Pathway:

The IFoA is committed to providing an opportunity for qualified CAAs to progress to the IFoA professional examinations. This would allow those who wish to become qualified actuaries, to progress their career through the professional examinations route, to full Associate and Fellow membership. The IFoA is currently looking at ways in which this will become possible and further details will follow in the coming months.

Qualified CAAs who are interested in exploring this opportunity should register their interest at Details will follow in the coming months. In the meantime some of you may wish to begin the process now before the new IFoA curriculum begins in 2019.

The IFoA guidance is that these individuals may wish to consider studying and sitting the following IFoA examinations, which will available in the April and Sep 2018 examination sittings:

  • CT2 and CT7:
  • CT8:

Details of the syllabuses, sample examination papers and markings guides are available at:

Individuals who complete some or all of these will be eligible for exemptions against the new curriculum which becomes effective from April 2019.

If you decide to join the IFoA you will be eligible for benefits such as:

  • Professional recognition
    You are part of a highly respected profession. Your membership of a globally respected actuarial body will be recognised, wherever you are in the world
  • Employability
    Your commitment to life-long learning and development allows you to enjoy a rewarding and successful career
  • Community
    You are part of a global community which will support your development and encourage you to share ideas and advice
  • Support
    Whether it is our extensive library resources, our exam counselling service, or guidance on ethical and technical enquiries that may arise in your day-to-day actuarial work we will support you no matter what stage of your career you are at
  • Research and knowledge
    You have access to a range of high quality focused publications, journals and events. You can contribute to and access original research that advances actuarial science
  • Regulation
    As a regulated professional you have credibility as an expert that is internationally recognised
  • Promotion and policy development
    You are a member of a Royal Chartered professional body with a remit to act in the public interest. We actively seek opportunities for actuaries to contribute to public policy debates, helping secure a healthy future for the profession

Please view our membership page on gaining Certified Actuarial Analyst membership  to understand how to become a member of the IFoA now that you are qualified.

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