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Resources for Subject CT1 - Financial Mathematics

Subject CT1 - Financial mathematics - Further suggested reading

  • Actuarial mathematics. Bowers, N. L.; Gerber, H. U.; Hickman, J. C. et al. 2nd ed. Society of Actuaries, 1997. 753 pages. ISBN: 978-0938959465 (Borrow from libraries)
  • An introduction to the mathematics of finance: a deterministic approach. S J Garrett. 2nd ed. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2013. ISBN 978-0080982403 (Buy from eShopBorrow from libraries]
  • [Earlier edition: An introduction to the mathematics of finance. McCutcheon, J. J.; Scott, W. F. Heinemann, 1986. 463 pages. ISBN: 978-0434912285 (Buy from eShop | Borrow from libraries)]
  • Life insurance mathematics. Gerber, H. U. 3rd ed. Springer; Swiss Association of Actuaries, 1997. 217 pages. ISBN: 978-3540622420 (Borrow from libraries)
  • Mathematics of compound interest. Butcher, M. V.; Nesbitt, C. J. Ulrich's Books, 1971. 324 pages. ISBN: 978-0960300013 (Borrow from libraries)
  • Theory of financial decision making. Ingersoll, J. E. Rowman & Littlefield, 1987. 474 pages. ISBN: 978-0847673599 (Borrow from libraries)
  • The theory of interest. Kellison, S. G. 3rd ed. Irwin, 2008. 463 pages. ISBN: 978-0073382449 (Borrow from libraries)

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