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Resources for Subject CT1 - Financial Mathematics

Subject CT1 - Financial mathematics - Further suggested reading

  • Actuarial mathematics. Bowers, N. L.; Gerber, H. U.; Hickman, J. C. et al. 2nd ed. Society of Actuaries, 1997. 753 pages. ISBN: 978-0938959465 (Borrow from libraries)
  • An introduction to the mathematics of finance: a deterministic approach. S J Garrett. 2nd ed. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2013. ISBN 978-0080982403 (Buy from Shop | Borrow from libraries]
  • [Earlier edition: An introduction to the mathematics of finance. McCutcheon, J. J.; Scott, W. F. Heinemann, 1986. 463 pages. ISBN: 978-0434912285 (Borrow from libraries)]
  • Life insurance mathematics. Gerber, H. U. 3rd ed. Springer; Swiss Association of Actuaries, 1997. 217 pages. ISBN: 978-3540622420 (Borrow from libraries)
  • Mathematics of compound interest. Butcher, M. V.; Nesbitt, C. J. Ulrich's Books, 1971. 324 pages. ISBN: 978-0960300013 (Borrow from libraries)
  • Theory of financial decision making. Ingersoll, J. E. Rowman & Littlefield, 1987. 474 pages. ISBN: 978-0847673599 (Borrow from libraries)
  • The theory of interest. Kellison, S. G. 3rd ed. Irwin, 2008. 463 pages. ISBN: 978-0073382449 (Borrow from libraries)

These books are optional suggested reading to support study for the CT1 exam. Non-members can request to borrow these books, subject to availability, after they have registered for the next scheduled CT1 exam. Please contact confirming your exam date and IFoA registration number. CT1 Core Reading is the key study reference for this exam and is available from the IFoA shop, while students may also work with course materials for this exam from the Actuarial Education Company.

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