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PPD pro-rata requirements

PPD pro-rata requirements if submitting Work-Based Skills (WBS)/Work Experience and PPD combination

Please note: The 2021 qualifiers deadline in January 2022 will be the last opportunity for students to submit a work-experience application that contains an element of Work-Based Skills, Form A/B or the Accredited Employers Scheme. After that deadline, work-experience applications must consist of PPD only and no prior recording under previous schemes will be considered. 

PPD Years submitted Minimum Credits* required Minimum formal learning hours
1 7 2
2 14 4
3 20 6

*There are 4 mandatory competencies which need to be completed over the course of your PPD. You do not need to complete these every year but they all must be completed before you can qualify.

Pro-rata requirements for WBS if submitting WBS and PPD combination

WBS years submitted Minimum review questions Minimum formal learning hours
1 4 10
2 8 20
3 12 30

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Events calendar

  • The Growth Mindset for Actuaries

    13 October 2021 - 8 December 2021

    Spaces available

    This practical course is aimed at actuaries at any stage of their career who want to develop their own growth mindset and apply it to their work setting and personal or professional lifelong learning. The content of the course builds on the lecture given by Dr Helen Wright on Growth Mindset as part of the President’s 2021 Lecture series, and will be delivered over a period of 2 months, from mid-October to early December.

  • Spaces available

    In this webinar, we will discuss how cause-of-death data from the Office for National Statistics can help us to understand how inequalities arise at the all-cause level. The key to understanding mortality inequality is to think about the chain that connects risk factors, relative risks, and cause-of-death mortality through to all-cause mortality.

  • Spaces available

    The importance of biodiversity for finance, business and policy is being increasingly recognised. While many studies highlight the overall economic impact that biodiversity loss could have, it is much more difficult to quantify and understand the particular impact that is may have on individual businesses or communities. The management and measurement of these risks is a field where actuaries are well placed to contribute.

  • Spaces available

    The climate crisis and the degradation of our planet will affect societies everywhere. How we address these threats will require solutions that transcend borders. As a global profession, the actuarial community is well-placed to consider and propose effective risk management solutions to help manage the climate crisis.

  • GIRO 2021 Webinar Series

    8 November 2021 - 19 November 2021
    Spaces available

    Join leading experts to discuss key issues, emerging ideas and new research across the general insurance sector.

  • Spaces available

    Content will be aimed at all actuaries looking to understand the issues surrounding mental health in insurance and in particular those looking to ensure products and processes widen access for, and are most useful to, those experiencing periods of poor mental health.