An Appeals Tribunal is the final stage of the disciplinary process

Appeal Panels are made up of three or more people including Fellows, lay members and barristers, with at least one Fellow and one lay member. The Panel will always be Chaired by a barrister appointed by either the General Council of the Bar of England and Wales or the Faculty of Advocates.

What happens at an Appeals Tribunal?

The hearing of the appeal is normally be conducted in private and by way of a review of the papers, although the Chairman has the discretion to hold a public hearing to hear witnesses, fresh evidence or legal advice.

The Appeal Tribunal Panel shall make one or more of the following determinations on the appeal:

  • affirm, vary or rescind any determination of the Disciplinary Tribunal Panel
  • substitute any other determination or determinations which the Disciplinary Tribunal Panel may have made, which may include substituting a more severe sanction
  • make an award of costs against the Respondent or Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) as it considers appropriate.

The Panel agrees its decision by a simple majority and the decision is final.

Publication of Determinations

Determinations will usually be published on this website for five years and published in the Actuary magazine.

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