An Interim Orders Panel hears requests from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) to make a temporary order against the Respondent

Interim Order Panels consist of two Fellows and one lay member (a solicitor, advocate or barrister) who chairs the Panel

Requests are made by the Case Manager and Investigation Actuary at any time up to the hearing of a Disciplinary Tribunal. Hearings are usually held in private unless the Respondent requests for it to be in public.

What is an Interim Order?

An Interim Order is a temporary measure and can be:

  • a period of supervised practice
  • suspension of any Certificate
  • suspension of the Respondent from membership of the IFoA.

The Panel does not make an Interim Order unless it is satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to support such allegations and the measure is warranted by the seriousness of the alleged misconduct.

Publication of Determinations

The making, variation, or rescission of an Interim Order Panel are published on this website in accordance with the Disciplinary Board’s guidance on the publication of determinations.

Appealing an Interim Order

A Respondent may make an application to the Appeals Panel within 14 days of the making of the Interim Order where they wish to challenge the decision. Such an appeal does not affect the continued operation of the Interim Order.

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