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QAS overview

The QAS recognises the importance of the working environment in enabling actuaries to fulfil their professional responsibilities and deliver high quality actuarial work. 

The objectives of the QAS are to promote quality assurance at an organisational level; to promote confidence in the work of actuaries; and to provide an important mechanism to identify issues affecting the quality of actuarial work. 

The QAS itself focuses on five key Outcomes which are relevant to good practice, policies and procedures.  These are:

1. Quality assurance

2. Conflicts of interest

3. The development and training of Members

4. Speaking up

5. Relationship with Users


QAS Members are also entitled to participate in the QAS CPD Scheme.

Further information and details about the QAS can be found via the FAQs  and in the QAS Handbook.  We have also produced specific information for Insurers who may be considering participation in the Scheme.


QAS Videos

We have produced short videos which tell you more about the QAS and the application process.

1. How (and why) to apply the QAS

Find out how accreditation can make an organisation stand out from the rest, and how the cultural angle and focus on actuarial excellence makes the IFoA's QAS different from other accreditation.

2. How to plan for the assessment

Find out how the assessors support the firm in getting accredited with as little possible disruption as possible to business as usual.

3. What happens during the assessment

Find out how the assessors look for evidence of policies and processes already in place and embedded in a the firm's culture to support quality assurance.

Contact Details

Quality Assurance Scheme

QAS Team, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Level 2 Exchange Crescent, 7 Conference Square, Edinburgh, EH3 8RA

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