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Quality Assurance Scheme fees

There are two categories of fees for the Quality Assurance Scheme: for applications received before and after 14 February 2018. This is because the criteria were updated to reflect the introduction of a new band for ‘very large’ organisations. 

For Organisations that are applying after 14 February 2018:

For Organisations that applied before 14 February 2018:

The IFoA retains discretion to determine that an applicant should be within a particular Band even though the criteria indicate a different Band. This reflects that the Bands also correspond to the number of days of assessment required and will apply in circumstances where it is decided that an applicant needs more or less assessment due to the nature and size of the Organisation, accredited part and/or the actuarial team.

If you are unclear as to the Band that your Organisation would be then please raise this with your QAS contact or submit a query to