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An actuarial toolkit. Introducing "The Toolkit Manifesto"

Trevor Maynard; Nigel De Silva; Richard Holloway; Markus Gesmann; Sie Lau; John Harnett
General Insurance Convention 2006
Publication date:
28 September 2006
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Document description

We ve found some exciting tools and have given some examples on our website But you have to play with them to see their value. We're sorry but we re delegating your CPD to you.

Business often has a one-size-fits-all strategy to IT. Reliance on Microsoft Office limits our capabilities. There are lots of other tools out there, so pick the best tools for the job. Some really are great and surprisingly are often free.

In just 5 years wikipedia has become 12 times larger than the print version of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. This shows the power of the hive mind. The concept of reader and author are merging. The professions (our) key aim should be to harness our collective intelligence.