The Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) carries out research into mortality and morbidity experience and produces practical tools that are widely used by actuaries

The CMI’s work is focused on five investigations

Four of these consider areas of base mortality and morbidity, analysing data supplied by UK life assurance companies and actuarial consultancies; these investigations cover:

  • Annuitant mortality
  • Assurances (critical illness and mortality)
  • Income protection, and
  • Self-administered pension scheme (SAPS) mortality.

Each investigation analyses the experience observed in subsets of the aggregated data and periodically produces mortality and morbidity tables.

The fifth investigation covers mortality projections and considers future changes in mortality experience, an area of great importance to actuaries.  

The CMI is funded by subscriptions

The subscribers have access to all the outputs we produce; these are also made available to academics and researchers for non-commercial use. Historically, most of CMI’s work was published more widely and these publications remain freely-available on the website.

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