The CMI undertakes the following separate investigations into mortality and morbidity experience


The mortality experience of annuitant contracts is analysed, and a number of graduations of annuitant mortality experience have been performed. Before November 2013 such experience was analysed with that of mortality under assurances.

Read more about the annuities investigation.


The claims experience of mortality and critical illness contracts is analysed and a number of graduations and tables have been produced. Before November 2013 the experience of mortality contracts was analysed alongside annuitant mortality (see above) and the experience of critical illness contracts was analysed by the former Critical Illness Committee.

Read more about the assurances investigation

Income protection

The claim inception and termination (by recovery or death) experience of individual income protection business is analysed. Graduations of the inceptions and terminations experience have also been carried out.

Read more about the income protection investigation

Mortality projections

The CMI has produced a number of tools for modelling future mortality improvements, together with supporting research papers; in particular, the CMI Mortality Projections Model is updated regularly.

Read more about the CMI's work on mortality projections

SAPS mortality investigation

The mortality experience of pensioners of self-administered pension schemes is analysed. Regular analyses of the aggregate dataset are undertaken and additional ad-hoc analyses are also carried out by the Committee. The Committee carries out graduations of its dataset from time to time and has produced four sets of mortality tables; the most recent being the “S4” Series mortality tables issued in February 2024 alongside Working Paper 185.

Read more about the SAPS mortality investigation

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