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Annuities investigation

The CMI investigates the mortality experience of policyholders with annuity contracts with UK life offices.

Brief history

Until November 2013, annuitant mortality was covered by the life office mortality investigation. Since that date, it has been covered by the annuities investigation which seeks data on all types of annuities issued by life insurance companies.


The CMI currently adopts a flexible approach to the data it collects – the data requirements for “standard” (i.e. non-underwritten) annuities are described in Data submissions to the CMI Annuities investigation (March 2019). As the annuities market is evolving, as a result of legislative changes, the Committee expects to regularly review these data requirements.

Methodology and Results

Contributing offices receive results in respect of the business for which they have submitted data. Aggregate ‘All offices’ results are also produced.

The latest all-offices results that have been issued are:

These results are each available in spreadsheets alongside the relevant paper. Each working paper contains commentary on the data, the methodology used in the results and commentary on the results.

Additionally, indicative analysis of pension annuities in payment to 30 June 2020 for a subset of offices is described in Working Paper 140.

Mortality tables

The “16” Series pension annuities in payment mortality tables were published alongside CMI Working Paper 134. The “08” Series annuitant mortality tables were published alongside CMI Working paper 81. 

Earlier tables are available under the life office mortality investigation.

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