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CMI Working paper 81

Working Paper 81: Final “08” Series annuities tables

Working Paper 81 was issued alongside the final “08” Series mortality tables that are based on the 2007-2010 datasets for Pension annuities in payment, Pension annuities in deferment and Life annuities. The paper:

  • Contains an overview of the tables;
  • Summarises the feedback received on the proposed tables, issued for consultation in Working Paper 78, and the Committee’s responses; and
  • Discusses potential future work.

The rates are available in an Excel spreadsheet issued alongside this paper:

As part of the work on illustrative high age extensions (see Working Paper 100), it became apparent that the “08” Series Annuities tables were not rounded to six decimal places, as is conventional CMI practice. The impact of this should be insignificant and the Annuities Committee has decided not to re-issue the rates, as this could create confusion.

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