The CMI investigates the mortality experience of members of self-administered pension schemes
The Committee is currently holding a consultation on the proposed graduations of the “S4” Series mortality tables. Further details can be found here.

The investigation began in 2002 following completion of a pilot investigation into the mortality experience of SAPS pensioners, published in CMI Report 20. Initially the investigation was led by a Working Party, which subsequently became an official committee of the CMI in 2006.


Data is submitted for schemes in a prescribed format, described in the Coding Guide, by firms that perform the Scheme Actuary role. The data covers current pensioners and dependants of schemes with more than 500 pensioners. Data for deferred and active members is not collected.

The majority of data submissions cover a period of three years, consistent with many schemes having triennial valuations.


Firms receive results in respect of the individual schemes that they submit, providing figures for the exposure and actual deaths and comparing the experience against that according to specified base mortality tables. Results are presented separately for males and females, by lives and amounts, and for different pensioner types.

Aggregate results are also produced annually. Working Paper 169 presents the most recent published analysis covering the period 2014 to 2021, based on data submitted to 30 June 2022.  Additional analyses are also undertaken from time to time, such as analyses of mortality improvements and mortality experience by industry classification.

In May 2019, Working Paper 121 was published, presenting an investigation into the mortality experience by industry classification for SAPS pensioners. In February 2021, Working Paper 146 was published, presenting an investigation into the mortality experience by region and Index of Multiple Deprivation.

Mortality tables

Since 2006, the Committee has produced three sets of mortality tables based on the data that it collects. The most recent set of tables is the “S3” Series, which were issued in December 2018 alongside Working Paper 113. The Committee is producing a new set of tables, the “S4” Series, and issued a consultation on proposed mortality rates in November 2023 as Working Paper 181.

Previous mortality tables are listed below:

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