Working Paper 113: Final “S3” Series mortality tables.

Note: This working paper uses data for a public sector pension scheme in 2012-2016 which is now known to be incorrect. We have not updated the working paper, but we have prepared a note that describes the nature of the incorrect data and the impact on CMI analyses so that Subscribers can consider whether to take any action.

CMI Working Paper 113 covers the final “S3” Series mortality tables based on graduations of the CMI SAPS 2009-2016 mortality experience for data collected by 30 June 2017. The paper summarises feedback on the consultation, discusses the Committee’s response to the feedback and describes the final tables.

Download the “S3” Series mortality tables

A briefing note on the “S3” Series mortality tables has also been issued and is publicly available alongside this paper. It provides an overview of the tables and is aimed at those receiving advice based on the tables, such as pension scheme trustees.

Other outputs

The data underlying the graduations and the graduation software was made available when Working Paper 107 was issued. This is unchanged for the final tables.

In addition, the Committee has decided to issue spreadsheets containing public and private sector subsets of the “S3” dataset, for Pensioners, Normal Health, Ill-health and Dependant groups to assist users of the tables. This excludes some data due to certain restrictions under the CMI Data Handling Protocols.

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