A large submission of public sector data to the Self-Administered Pension Scheme (SAPS) investigation for 2012-2016 has been found to have incorrect pension amounts at death. This affects the following CMI analyses:

  • SAPS annual experience analyses for 2009-16, 2010-17, 2011-18, 2012-19 and 2013-20. (Working papers 104, 118, 126, 142 and 158)
  • “S3” Series mortality tables (using the 2009-16 dataset) and accompanying analysis, including comparisons of public and private sector mortality. (Working papers 107 and 113)
  • SAPS industry analysis for 2010-17. (Working paper 121)
  • Mortality Projections Committee (MPC) interim update papers published in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. (Working papers 103, 115, 127, 144 and 159)

We do not intend to update any existing analyses in light of the incorrect data. However, we have produced a note that describes the nature of the incorrect data and the impact on CMI analyses so that Subscribers can consider whether to take any action. We have re-issued the affected SAPS outputs and the relevant pages of the CMI website to ensure they include prominent links to this note.  We have not re-issued the affected MPC outputs as the impact on them is minor.

Issue with SAPS data for 2012-2016 v1 2022-06-20.pdf

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