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An early book on compound interest (Richard Witt's "Arithmeticall Questions")

Lewin, C G
Journal of the Institute of Actuaries [JIA] (1970) 96: 121-132
Publication date:
31 December 1970
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Document description

One of the highlights of the year 1613 was the burning down of the Globe Theatre in London, during a performance of Shakespeare’s newly written ‘Henry VIII’, when the discharge of a piece of ordnance set fire to the thatch. Another event which took place during the year was less spectacular but, to actuaries, just as noteworthy. This was the publication of a book by Richard Witt entitled: Arithmeticall Questions, touching The Buying or Exchange of Annuities\; Taking of Leases for Fines, or yearly Rent\; Purchase of Fee-Simples\; Dealing for present or future Possessions\; and other Bargaines and Accounts, wherein allowance for disbursing or forebeareance of money is intended\; Briefly resolved, by means of certain Breviats.