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Resource constraints: sharing a finite world. The evidence and scenarios for the future

Aled Jones et al
Publication date:
15 January 2013
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Document description

Economic growth has received significantly more attention globally over the last few years. While traditional growth has been very visible through the consumption of resources, the resources required to sustain the current level of economic growth may not be available over the next decades. Constraints on available resource, and any associated political interventions, may limit global economic growth over the upcoming decades.

The findings of the research commissioned by the Profession, Resource constraints: sharing a finite world. Implications of limits to growth, covers the consequences of Limits to Growth in the broadest context, its findings are relevant to the work of actuaries in every technical discipline.

This evidence document sets out the findings of the research team in greater detail.

The research team comprised: Dr Aled Jones, Irma Allen, Nick Silver, Catherine Cameron, Candice Howarth & Ben Caldecott.