Library services

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries has two library sites: in Edinburgh and London. Each library offers quiet, comfortable study space and internet access. ActEd materials, past exam papers, examiners' reports and suggested reading for CT and SA subjects are available.

The libraries offer a wide selection of resources, including hard copy and online services via the Athens Portal for members of working parties and other researchers.

The library team offers information services, including literature searches, tracing and obtaining materials and advising on the availability of data sources and conditions of access.

Who can use the libraries?

Members and university students on actuarial courses, are always welcome to visit the libraries which offer a quiet environment for study and research. The collections are open to public researchers by appointment.

What's in the libraries?

The collections include information on actuarial science, insurance (life and non-life), reinsurance, pensions, employee benefits, social security, investment, corporate finance, health and care and risk management. The majority of the collection is in English, although other languages are represented.

Historical collections

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries owns important collections of historic books, manuscripts and archives relating to the origins, creation and development of actuarial science and practice. The section Our heritage provides an outline of the history. Items from the original Faculty of Actuaries library are held at Edinburgh University Library. For viewing of the library's main historic collections in London, please contact .

Facilities for students

Each library has a full set of Core Reading and ActEd course material for reference (we do not lend or photocopy ActEd materials), together with past examination papers, solutions, and examiners' comments.  Each library holds titles that are suggested reading for CT and SA examinations.


  • Borrowing: Using our online library catalogue, you can search over 40,000 actuarial books, research papers and articles. Many documents may be downloaded immediately free of charge. Books and journal articles may be requested online. Books will be sent out by post. Journal articles will normally be supplied subject to copyright regulations. For more information on borrowing see: Borrowing items and ordering copies.
  • Online resources: The Athens Portal will give you access to thousands of journal articles, ebooks and databases. For more information see: Online resources
  • Enquiries: We can deal with enquiries either by email or phone, on 020 7632 2114 or  0131 240 1311. We can search for information, statistics and hard-to-trace references, aiming to respond within 24 hours.
  • Literature searches: We have created reading lists on actuarial and related subjects. We can also compile lists of references on more specialist topics and carry out literature searches on request.
  • What's new in the library? A list of recent additions is compiled each month.
  • Other libraries: We can advise on access to other suitable libraries near where you live or work. For more information see: Other actuarial libraries.

Our resources

Our resources cover actuarial science, mathematics, statistics, finance, investment, pensions, insurance, healthcare and the financial aspects of social policy and demography.
We offer:

  • Over 10,000 books, pamphlets and conference proceedings
  • 200 current periodical and magazine titles
  • Database of nearly 40,000 references
  • Electronic journals and books (members only)
  • Study materials, including guidance notes, past exam papers and examiners’ reports
  • Reference books, including life tables, statistics, directories and glossaries
  • Data from the FTSE Actuaries indices
  • Special collections on the history of actuarial science, including the archives of the Equitable Life Assurance Society (conditions apply for access to these)
  • Biographical dictionaries and cuttings files
  • Legal and regulatory information
  • Archive of papers from the British Actuarial Journal and the Annals of Actuarial Science (members only) and archive of papers from the Journal of the Institute of Actuaries and the Transactions of the Faculty of Actuaries.