Sustaining university research communities

The Profession's objective for Research and Knowledge transfer is to encourage research and knowledge exchange (with open and easy access for members and non-members alike) in the public interest that: 

  • Promotes the monitoring and development of actuarial science including actuarial methods and use of data
  • Supports and develops the competence of members throughout their careers
  • Helps actuaries speak out publically with authority in matters relevant to our profession and where actuaries can make a difference

and so maintain and enhance public confidence in the work of actuaries and the reputation of the actuarial profession. 

The strategy also identified developing research communities as a key theme moving forward.

Having a continuing presence in universities of researchers committed to the development of actuarial science is vital to the long term health of the actuarial profession and actuarial science and will form the backbone for future research and help support the competence of members (both current and future generations).

In order to build and sustain university research communities we need to see a new generation of PhD students and researchers regarding this as a vibrant field where they can progress and have interesting and fruitful careers.

This applies not only to the traditional actuarial centres of excellence but also to the new group of universities attempting to grow their actuarial research base following on from accreditation in actuarial teaching. We also need to help academic actuaries engage fully as members of the UK and international community through attendance at conferences and other events.


There are a variety of ways that university research communities can engage in our research programmes:

  • Responding to our calls for strategic commissioned research emerging from research working parties and discussions with stakeholders
  • Submit papers for the British Actuarial Journal and Annals of Actuarial Science
  • Join research working parties which contribute papers and presentations to our sessional research events

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries can also provide funding to support research communities in universities in a number of ways:

  • By part-funding PhD studentships from around the world.  This is currently channelled through the Actuarial Research Centre
  • Providing travel grants for academics to attend and present at conferences and other events in the pursuit of enhancing and disseminating their research (please see the guidelines in our application form for further details) 
  • From time to time providing grants to support research in areas identified by university departments.

For further information, contact the Research and Knowledge team at