Formulae and tables

Here you can download the first edition of the book Formulae and tables for actuarial examinations to help you work through older exam papers.

The second edition (2002) can be used with more recent exam papers, and a copy will be provided for you during your exams, where needed. You can buy your own copy of the second edition from the eShop.

Formulae and tables [pdf, 5.3mb]

This book includes:

  • Formulae
  • Compound interest tables
  • English Life Table No 12
  • A1967-70 mortality table for assured lives
  • a(55) mortality tables for annuitants
  • Manchester Unity sickness experience 1893-97
  • Pension fund tables
  • International actuarial notation
  • Statistical tables and tables of logarithms, antilogarithms and reciprocals