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Our strategy and objectives

Strategy refresh, June 2016

It’s been five years since we published our strategy. In that time, while our mission as an organisation has not changed, the world has moved on. We have refreshed our strategy, not just to reflect the changes in the global landscape today, but to position us and our members as relevant for an uncertain future.

Overarching strategy statement

To succeed in the Mission and Vision of the IFoA we must deliver a sustainable future for actuarial science. Our strategy recognises that actuaries are a small but global community who are at their strongest when working together as a community, and with our strategy we will raise the reputation and profile of actuaries and the value of their skills in both established and new areas of business. We will drive innovation and research to deliver the highest standards of education, professionalism and support to our members, cementing our position as a leading public interest professional body.

Download the refreshed 2016 Strategy

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