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Actuarial Mathematics (CM1)

Actuarial Mathematics (CM1)

Core Principles

Actuarial Mathematics (CM1) provides a grounding in the principles of actuarial modelling, focusing on deterministic models and their application to financial products. It equips the student with a knowledge of the basic principles of actuarial modelling, theories of interest rates and the mathematical techniques used to model and value cashflows which are either certain or are contingent on mortality, morbidity and/or survival. The subject includes theory and application of the ideas to real data sets using Microsft Excel.

Actuarial Mathematics
Theoretical Exam
3 hours and 15 minutes
Paper based
Actuarial Mathematics
1 hour and 45 minutes

You must sit A + B papers in the same session.

Exam format:
3 hours and 15 minutes paper-based exam, plus 1 hour and 45 minute computer-based exam, Excel
Recommended study hours: