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Chinese Actuarial Network UK

The Chinese Actuarial Network UK (CANUK) was founded in 2011, and is an independent and non-profit making membership organisation for Chinese actuaries living and working in the UK

CANUK's objectives are:

  • to provide a networking platform for Chinese actuaries based in the UK
  • to act as a communication channel between UK-based Chinese actuaries and other Chinese actuarial associations/networks around the world
  • to provide advice and support to Chinese students of actuarial science in the UK who are interested in joining the UK profession
  • to bring Chinese actuaries and students together at professional, educational and social events.

Please visit the CANUK website to find out more about what is going on and how to get involved.

CANUK is run by a committee chaired by CANUK President, Steven Yang Yu.

Other committee members are:

Role Name
President Steven Yang Yu
Vice President and Treasurer Jinnan Tang
General Secretary William Wu
Chair of Advisory Board Yan Liu
China Vice President Haijing Wang
Chief Editor Shuyan Liang
Membership and Communications Huayin Liu
Event Management Yu Fan
Technology Development Atong Mu
Chair of Student Support Simon Yeung


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