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Yorkshire Actuarial Society

The Yorkshire Actuarial Society (YAS) was founded in 1981 as a society for Students, Associates and Fellows of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)

Meetings are normally held on a Tuesday or Wednesday in York or Leeds and start at 18.00. The sessions usually last one hour.

The YAS is free to join and new members and visitors are very welcome

The Committee is keen to receive ideas for technical and social events from members in the Yorkshire area and beyond.  If you have an idea for an event, please let the committee know.


Below:  YAS Annual Dinner, 21 June 2017, with guest Marjorie Ngwenya, President-elect, IFoA

Yorkshire Actuarial Society Annual Dinner 21 June 2017














Future events

Talk title Liquidity risk: the insurance industry's elephant in the room
Date 12 April 2018
Time 18.00 - 19.00
Location Aviva, York
About the event             Liquidity risk is something that insurers have historically believed is immaterial to their businesses. However regulators are increasingly focussing on firms’ liquidity management frameworks, including plans to manage the business in a crisis. We will cover:
• sources of liquidity risk for insurers
• options available to insurers for day-to-day and crisis management
• insights from EY’s global insurance liquidity risk management survey
• our view of a market leading liquidity risk management framework and future developments in this area.
Speakers Ed Hawkins and Gareth Sutcliffe (Ernst & Young)
Event Leeds Big Event
Date 25 April 2018
Time 16.00 - 19.00
Location Leeds
About the event

The three talks will be:

  1. “The evolving role of the pension scheme trustee (Independent Trustees: covering different types of appointments (sole, Chair and co-trustee) and the benefits and concerns of appointing a Professional Trustee)”
  2. “The Pensions Challenge”
  3. TBC
  1. David Brown / Colin Musgreaves
  2. Emma Douglas
  3. Malcolm Slee
Event Annual dinner                                                                                                                               
Date 9 May 2018
Time 18.00 - 18.30 followed by dinner
Location Restaurant Bar and Grill, Leeds
About the event Jules Constantinou, IFoA President Elect, will give a short pre-dinner talk at the Deloitte office in Leeds.
Talk title Value of WP business to consumers
Date 16 May 2018
Time 18.00 - 19.00
Location York
Speakers Andrew Fraser, Ben Stroud and Jonathan Welsh
About the event

As with-profits funds across the industry continue to age, the importance of their safe, orderly and fair run-off is becoming more and more important. Aligned to this, The Phoenix Group recently reallocated a diverse and interesting mix of non-profit annuity portfolios from its with-profits funds to its non-profit fund.

This session will consider these reallocations from various perspectives – Phoenix’s policyholders, its shareholders, as well as the Independent Actuary reporting on the transactions – discussing:

  • the motivation for the transfers
  • the key challenges of pricing them fairly
  • the impact of low, falling and often volatile markets, with some Brexit thrown in too.
Talk title Evolution of economic scenario generators
Date 23 May 2018
Time 18.00 - 19.00
Location York
Speaker Ralph Frankland
Event York BIG event
Date 11 June 2018
Time 16.00 - 19.00
Location York
About the event
  1. Risk Management: Then, Now and Tomorrow
  2. A Change in Paradigm for the Insurance Industry
  3. Longevity trends and the new CMI model
  1. Paul Embrechts (ETH Zürich)
  2. Michel M. Dacorogna (DEAR-Consulting, Switzerland)
  3. Siobhan Lough (Hymans)
Talk title The Unhedgeables
Date 13 September 2018
Time 18.00 - 19.00
Location York
About the event The Unhedgeables: compares regulatory definitions of hedgeable and unhedgeable risks with commercial reality and asks how might these markets evolve, and what might be the implications for IFRS 17?
Speakers Andrew Kenyon and Robin Thompson

Who's who in the Yorkshire Actuarial Society

Officer Name Contact
President John Lister +44 (0)1904 688 346
Secretary Karen Hair +44 (0)113 390 7121
Treasurer Jamie Butler +44 (0)1904 452 800 

Ordinary members:





Matthew Mikola

Nicky Rushforth

Tom Treacy

David Dempsey

Nikki Browning

Paul Bojelian

Sarah Vaughan

Janet Baker

Anand Kak

Student Consultative Committee Tom Smillie  

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