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Conference papers for 2018

ARC Sessional: How Medical Advances and Health Interventions Will Shape Future Longevity

ARC Webinar Series: Behavioural Aspects of Institutional Investment Decision-Making

ARC Webinar Series: Minimising Longevity and Investment Risk while Optimising Future Pension Plans

ARC Webinar Series: Modelling, Measurement and Management of Longevity and Morbidity Risk

ARC Webinar Series: Use of Big Health and Actuarial Data understanding Longevity and Morbidity Risks

Capital Modelling Seminar 2018

CILA 2018

Current Issues in General Insurance (CIGI) 2018

Current Issues in Pensions Seminar - Bristol

Current Issues in Pensions Seminar - Leeds

Current Issues in Pensions Seminar - London

Current Issues in Pensions Seminar, Bristol

Current Issues in Pensions, Bristol

Giro Conference 2017

GIRO Conference 2018

Highlights of the Life Conference 2017 - Edinburgh

Highlights of the Life Conference 2017 - London

IFoA Africa Conference 2018 - Kenya

IFoA Africa Conference 2018 - Mauritius

IFoA Asia Conference 2018

IFoA Networking Event: Managing Fiscal Risks

Improving the Success of InsurTech Opportunities Including a Guide for Risk

International Congress of Actuaries 2018

Investment Strategy for Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Funds 2018

Investment Strategy for Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Funds 2018

Life Conference 2018

Mortality and Longevity Seminar 2018

Networking Event - The Application of Behavioural Economics to Impact Controllable Risk Factors

Networking Event - The Stochastic Full Balance Sheet Model

Networking Event: Environmental Change: Opportunities for Actuaries

New Qualifiers 2018

One Day seminar: Risks in Life Insurance

Pensions Conference 2018

Pricing Seminar 2018

Protection, Health and Care Conference 2018

Reserving Seminar - 20 June 2018

Risk and Investment Conference 2018

Sessional Research Event : Wearable Technology and Antibiotic Resistance Working Parties

Sessional Research Event: Equity Release Mortgages (ERM)

Sessional Research Event: Life Insurance at the Crossroads

Sessional Research Event: Self-selection and Risk Sharing in a Modern World of Life-Long Annuities

Spring Lecture 2018

The Actuary as a Data Scientist - What, How & Why?

The impact of medical advances and health interventions on longevity and population projections

The Impact of Wearable Technology and Internet of Things Networking and CPD Event

Workshop for Chief Actuaries and Senior Life Actuaries