CPD Co-ordinators play a key role in effective engagement between organisations who employ our members and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)

Organisations with three or more qualified actuaries are encouraged by the IFoA to appoint a CPD Co-ordinator. This is an IFoA recommendation. Organisations with multiple offices often appoint one per office.  Some of the larger organisations appoint one CPD Co-ordinator per practice area, eg, a different person for Life and General Insurance within the same organisation.

We have created, following peer review, a CPD Co-ordinators’ Guide providing you with information about this role. Within the guide you will find: 

  • Page 4:  sets out the information CPD Co-ordinators will receive
  • Page 7:  provides opportunities for your organisation to engage 
  • Page 12: gives nine examples: how others do it – in this section nine CPD Co-ordinators share their thoughts.

As CPD Co-ordinator you will also receive the CPD Co-ordinators’ quarterly newsletter as well as other updates, from time to time. 

View the latest CPD Co-ordinators’ newsletter

Benefits of becoming a CPD co-ordinator video

What does a CPD Co-ordinator do for their organisation? Watch our video and hear what 10 volunteers say.

The IFoA maintains a database of all CPD Co-ordinators

The database is growing and not all organisations are represented as yet.  If you would like to check if your organisation is represented, or to volunteer to act as a CPD Co-ordinator for your organisation, please visit the volunteer vacancies webpage or contact Debbie Atkins.

Contact Details

If you have enquiries about volunteering please contact Debbie Atkins, Head of Engagement:


Debbie will respond to your email within three working days and often sooner.