Sea lifeBiodiversity is being lost at a pace that is often described as an extinction event. Biodiversity simply refers to the variety of life on earth. This variety represents a resilience for humanity as it offers different functions that are sometimes clear (such as food) but more often than not it services are indirect. While biodiversity has been studied within academia for centuries its loss has recently become more of a concern to business and policy makers and terms such as ‘Natural Capital’ and ecosystem services have been adopted. How to capture biodiversity risk and potentially quantify it is now a focus of many different initiatives.    

Natural Capital: An Overview”, POSTNote

This document explores the use of natural capital and monetisation of nature, within the context of business decision making. It outlines benefits and challenges associated with the approach. Download the briefing on the Parliament UK website

DEFRA’s Enabling a Natural Capital Approach Guidance

This Guidance is intended for those who are looking to learn more about natural capital and environmental valuation and need practical guidance. It forms part of a suite of Defra resources collectively called “Enabling a Natural Capital Approach” (ENCA). Other ENCA resources are referenced throughout the text. Download the guidance on GOV.UK.

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